Organisational Resilience

At Taynuilt we have developed a holistic approach based upon the principles of a 'resilience cycle'. This ensures that no single aspect of organisational resilience is looked at in isolation, as the overall resilience of an organisation is dependant upon a variety of interconnected factors. This encompasses elements including risk management, business continuity management, emergency response and crisis management


The Taynuilt Resilience Cycle 


Horizon scanning to identify new or challenging risks, hazards or threats - identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities to the organisation


Understanding the likelihood and impact of the potential threats and vulnerabilities to provide an accurate assessment and risk rating


Taking action to prevent a crisis from occuring and mitigating any potential effect - develop priorities and plans accordingly and train staff on their roles


 Once plans are in place they must be adequately tested and exercised - tabletop or live play - and then re-assess any gaps identified


Efforts to deal with the crisis and it's direct and indirect consequences. Implement Emergency Response Plans, Business Continuity processes and Crisis Management Plan if required


Rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating. Ensuring that the business survives and recovers to full operational capability




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