Human Performance

‘People are our most valuable asset’ For years, in the world of risk, resilience and emergency management, there has been a focus on process and policy – ISO’s British Standards, plans, registers, certificates that prove how ‘prepared’ organisations are should the worst ever happen. 


However, when we look at any challenging incidents that take place internationally in the corporate world, the causality common denominator can be traced back to an individual, or individuals. 


Taynuilt has expertise in working with organisations to implement a series of measures, when trying to ensure that the individual resilience of staff members supports the overall organisational resilience;


  • Preparation
    • Building psychological resilience of staff
    • Training/exercising in support of well established policies and procedures
  • Responsiveness
    • Post-incident implementation of the policies
    • Providing post-incident stress management support to staff
  • Recovery
    • Longer-term structured support for staff


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